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707 KAR 1:300. Child find, evaluation, and reevaluation. Section 1. Child Find Requirements. (1) An LEA shall have in effect policies and procedures that plan and implement a child find system to locate, identify, and evaluate each child:
(a) Whose age is three (3) to twenty-one (21);
(b) Who resides in a home, facility, or residence within the LEA’s geographical boundaries, including children with disabilities who attend private schools located within the LEA boundaries, children who are highly mobile such as migrant children, homeless children as described in 704 KAR 7:090, children who are wards of the state or are in state custody, and students who are advancing grade to grade resulting from passing a grade but who still may have a disability;
(c) Who is either in or out of school; and
(d) Who may need special education and related services.
(2) For preschool age children with disabilities, an LEA must ensure a smooth and effective transition from the early intervention program to preschool.
(3) Each LEA shall participate in transition planning conferences for children with disabilities served by early intervention programs.

District special education policies and procedures should be referenced for specific child find activities that are to occur for that particular district annually.  Types of activities that are common to many districts include some of the following activities noted below.

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Child Find Requirements


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Notification in Newspaper and Other Media Outlets
Prior to the beginning of the school year provide a public notice in the native language or other mode of communication of the various populations in the geographical boundaries of the Kentucky School District to the extent feasible. 
•Newspaper ad
•Facebook post
•District web site post
•Flyers posted in the community
•Letters to service providers (Dr offices, health department, food stamp office, etc)
•District/school newsletters
•Community events
•Radio announcements
Providing Information to School Personnel About the Referral Process
Annually, Kentucky School District staff, in collaboration with the DoSE, provide information for school personnel about the procedures for referral of children who may have disabilities and need specially designed instruction and related services
•Training conducted by DoSE or others in the district regarding:
  1. The referral process
  2. Timeline
  3. Responsibilities around specially designed instruction
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Etc.
Community Involvement
Prior to the beginning of each school year, the DoSE conducts an awareness activity, including screening, with the general public to notify it of the need to find children with disabilities who need specially designed instruction and related services.
•Child Find Brochure
•Child Find Poster
•Community Agency Letter sent to appropriate community groups/contacts
Consulting with Private/Parochial Schools
Prior to the beginning of each school year, the DoSE consults with the representatives of private or parochial schools and agencies providing services to children (ages 3 to 21) for the purpose of: 1) Creating public awareness of the Kentucky School District child find procedures; 2) Serving as a referral source to locate all children who may have an educational disability and need specially designed instruction and related services; 3) Informing and gathering input from these community providers regarding the needs of potentially identifiable or identified students with disabilities in their locations; and 4) Identifying transition needs for children with disabilities.
•Brochure about private/parochial schools
•Community Agency letter
Receiving Intake Information About Potentially Identifiable Children with Disabilities
The DoSE, or designee, receives intake information about potentially identifiable children with disabilities, reviews the information with the parents, and refers the children to appropriate agencies or Kentucky School District staff.
  1. Intake Form
  2. Intake form link on district website
Participation in First Steps Transition Conferences
The Kentucky School District  shall participate in transition planning conferences for children with disabilities served by early intervention programs as described in the early intervention transition planning procedures.
•Interagency Agreement
•Transition Conference Parent Refusal Form
•Transition Conference Checklist
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Equal Opportunity
The Anderson County School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs or activities and provides equal access to designated youth groups. Inquiries may be directed to the Anderson County Title IX Coordinator, Travis Harley. He may be contacted at the district office, located at 1160 Bypass N. Lawrenceburg, KY 40342; by phone at 502-839-3406 or by email at [email protected]