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RFQ High Quality Whole Cow Ky Grown Ground Beef

Request for Quote

High Quality Whole Cow KY Grown Ground Beef

                    Anderson County Schools

Date of Issue: June 1, 2022

Deadline for Inquires: June 10, 2022

Date and Time for Proposals Due: June 30, 2022

Part I. . Definitions:

  1. Local - Animals must be raised and finished within 40 miles of Anderson County

  2. High Quality Whole Cow KY Grown Ground Beef - Ground beef made from all the best cuts from an individual animal to include: the round, sirloin, short loin, rib, chuck, flank, short plate, fore shank, and brisket. Each animal must be free from growth implants, steroids and hormones. 

Part II. Scope of Work:

We seek High Quality Whole Cow KY Grown Ground Beef to serve our students based on the specifications below:

A. Farms and Processing Facilities

  1. Domestic Origin - All beef shall originate from U.S. produced livestock as defined in the Master Solicitation for Commodity Procurements and Supplement.  

  2. All beef shall be from livestock over 30 months old. 

  3. Humane Handling – All cattle shall be humanely handled in accordance with all applicable FSIS regulations and AMS requirements.

  4. Residue Prevention – Harvest and production establishments shall have a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system to control veterinary drug, pesticide, and environmental contaminant residues per FSIS regulations. Helpful information is available in the FSIS Compliance Guide for Residue Prevention 2013.

  5. Cattle shall be pastured on approved farmers location at least 45 days before slaughter/processing and farmer should be able to produce the backgrounding records for the length of time the animal was pastured on the approved farmers land

  6. Spinal Cord Removal – All spinal cord tissue shall be removed during the harvesting process. 

  7.  Pathogen Intervention Steps – The harvest process shall include at least two pathogen intervention steps. One of the intervention steps shall be a critical control point (CCP) in the supplier’s FSIS recognized harvest process HACCP plan and the CCP intervention(s) shall be scientifically validated to achieve a three-log reduction of enteric pathogens.  

  8. Submission of the farm(s), farm owner(s), and the address of the farm(s) where the cattle being offered for this program will be raised.

  9. Approval by the farm owners of the farms where the cattle being raised to be visited and toured by Anderson County Schools officials.

  10. Approval by the USDA processing facility for a visit by Anderson County Schools officials.

  11. Submission of the farm(s) cattle feeding plan, program, or philosophy.

  12. Submission of the processor's food safety plan or food defense plan.

  13. Submission of the farmers’ food safety plan. 

  14. Submission of template for the food temperature log of freezer compartment and beef before loading, during loading, and when reaching destination.

B. Ground Beef

  1. Objectionable Materials – The following objectionable materials shall be excluded: Major lymph glands, thymus gland, and the sciatic (ischiatic) nerve (lies medial to the outside round), Tonsils and Distal Lleum. All bone, cartilage, and the following heavy connective tissues: White fibrous – Shoulder tendon, elbow tendon, silver skin (from the outside round), sacrosciatic ligament, opaque periosteum, serous membrane (peritoneum), tendinous ends of shanks, gracilis membrane, patellar ligament (associated with the stifle joint), and achilles tendon.Yellow elastin – Back strap and abdominal tunic. 

  2. The ground beef must be made from all the best cuts from an individual animal to include: the round, sirloin, short loin, rib, chuck, flank, short plate, fore shank, and brisket. Each animal must be free from growth implants or administered steroids and hormones other than steroids and hormones naturally found in livestock..

  3. The ground beef must be produced using a USDA inspected processing plant. 

  4. The ground beef must be tested and determined to be at least 85/15 but would consider leaner

  5. The ground beef must have a label for each packet that has the USDA inspection label, farm name, animal # i.d. and what the product is (example: ground beef)

  6. Ground Beef shall be vacuum packaged or packaged in casings and sealed. All packages shall weigh 5 or 10 pounds. The casings or packages shall be closed by metal clips or by a heat-sealing method. Four packages of 10 lb. rolls or eight packages of 5 pound rolls shall be placed into each shipping container.

  7. The ground beef  must have proper labeled boxes (example: USDA Ground Beef with numbered boxes)

  8. The ground beef must be held, delivered, and frozen at zero degrees or below. Any product that Anderson County Schools believes may have been held above zero degrees will be rejected and Anderson County Schools will not pay for that product. Signs for possible refreezing of thawed food may include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Packaging has large ice crystals

    2. Discolored frozen meat

    3. Liquid on the bottom of boxes

  9. The ground beef must be free from signs of tampering. Anderson County schools will reject any product that shows the following signs and will not pay for that product:

    1. Signs of pests

    2. Torn or open packages

    3. Broken seals

    4. Other signs of tampering

Part III. How the quotes will be evaluated:

  1. Locality of the farm.  Anderson County Farms will receive a higher score than farms outside of Anderson County in this section.

  2. Price

  3. Cattle Feeding Plan or Philosophy

  4. Completeness of quote

  5. Quality of past service


  1. Quote submissions must include printing out this RFQ and responding to the section below.

The Anderson County Board of Education supports minority businesses, women's business enterprises, and labor surplus area firms.

The Anderson County Board of Education needs confirmation from your company of your compliance and/or intent to comply with the Federal, State, Local, and Board regulations to Non-Discrimination on all contracts awarded by the Board of Education.

 Please answer the following:

 Is your company complying with Federal regulations relating to Non-Discrimination?

 Circle one        YES         NO

 Is your company a minority-owned business?

Circle one            YES         NO

The District reserves the right to add or delete services associated with this solicitation, and the subsequent contract(s), as needed by the District.

Please submit in writing or email to:

Ronnie Fields 

Director of Programs and Operations

1160 Bypass North

Lawrenceburg, KY 40342

[email protected]