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Beginning Wednesday, November 3, 2021, ACSchools will be moving into the “Yellow Tier” of our masking plan
Covid-19 Student Update* 11.01.2021 for AC Schools

In Isolation - 3 (0.07 percent of student population)
In Quarantine - 10 (0.24 percent of student population)

Anderson County Health Department Is Reporting 35 positive community Covid-19 cases as of 11/01/2021  (Note: 35 is 0.0015 percent of Anderson County’s population of 22, 959)

The determination to move to this “Masking on the Move” tier was made in consultation with the local health department and board attorney after several weeks of lower positive and quarantine numbers including two full weeks following Fall Break.  If positive Covid cases show a consistent  increase, the decision will be made to move back to red.  If the data continues to show lower numbers, the decision may be to move to the green tier.

For more information including specific “Yellow Tier” masking guidelines visit our Covid -19 response page at: www.acschools/covid19.aspx

*Numbers can change multiple times per day. All students in quarantine and any students in isolation that feel well enough are able to participate through remote learning options. The data is tracked daily.

Yellow Masking Requirements for Students, Staff, Volunteers and Visitors

- Masking on the Move - all students and staff who are moving should be wearing a mask and/or shield.
- All students, staff, volunteers and visitors should have a mask on their person or take a provided mask when entering a school building Masks may be required at times if social distancing is not able to be maintained.
- Students and staff should be socially distanced at 3 feet most of the time.  
- When social distancing is not possible, students and staff should wear a mask and/or shield. (Ex. Small group work, students working in pairs, students working in small spaces, staff working one on one with a student or group of students.)
- When students and staff are engaging in activities that require singing, yelling or speaking  loudly, masks or shields should be worn.
- Mask breaks remain in place.  
- Masks and/or shields should be worn at any time when social distancing can not occur and students, staff and visitors are together indoors, in large areas such as gym, lobby, auditorium during the school day.  Masks or shields are encouraged to be worn at evening events and at some events may be required.
- Students, staff, volunteers and visitors  may choose to wear a mask at any time.
- Students participating in the Test to Stay program are required to wear a mask or shield at all times while being tested on day 1-6 of the program.
- Students and staff must wear a mask on the school bus via federal guidelines.