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Athletic Facility Survey Results (Including responses to questions)
The following are answers to questions received from the Athletic Survey recently conducted. Questions have been combined into seven categories.  For the purpose of transparency and open communication, complete survey results including unedited questions and comments are linked at the bottom. If you have further input or questions click here.
Note: There is no item the agenda for the 4/15/19 board meeting concerning an athletic facilities project, however the Anderson County Board of Education is continuing to investigate options.


Project: Stages, Layout, Cost, Purpose

Questions: 3, 6, 9,11, 20, 28, 32, 49, 57, 58, 62, 96

  • Project cost would depend on the action the board decides to take and what is included in the option.  

  • Quotes from architecture firms for multiple options ranging from fixing the current grass fields as they are, adding turf to current site, to building an off-site facility have been requested and will be presented to the board.

  • Many different options have been suggested, including those in the comments section of this survey. All are being explored and could still be considered by the board.

  • Options listed in the survey are only a starting point to assist in gathering data on what direction the community would like to see a possible project go. The Board of Education will ultimately decide on an option that they determine is feasible, meets the current existing needs, and can be accomplished with the funding that is ultimately secured.

  • It is very possible that any option chosen by the Board would include breaking up the plan into viable phases.   

  • No project can begin until funding is secured and the project is approved by Kentucky Department of Education (KDE.)

  • If  the board decides on an option and funding is secured, the job would be bid out in the same manner as all district construction projects, in compliance with rules provided by KDE.

  • The use of any and all real property owned by the Anderson County Board of Education is at the discretion of that Board. The Board currently has no construction plans for the property adjacent to Emma B. Ward but does have a District Facilities Plan (DFP) that was created by committee. The next DFP committee will be formed and all meetings are announced and open to the community.  The DFP process is required by KRS and specific guidance by KDE. Facilities plans for all districts are available on the KDE website.

  • Groups that have chosen to move to artificial turf over natural grass have cited increased playability, all weather utility, versatility, water conservation and being pesticide free as some of the benefits.

Funding: Donations, Tax, Bonds, Grants

Questions: 7, 13, 14, 17, 21, 23, 24, 31, 32, 34, 35, 47, 54, 56, 58, 64, 66. 86, 93

  • Any and all funding sources possible are being explored and will be considered.

  • Any business, individual, or group that would like to donate funds to Anderson County Schools in general or toward a specific project such as athletic facilities are always welcome. The board approves all donations over $1,000. Any donation made for a specific purpose is only spent for the purpose indicated and accepted by the board.

  • The Bearcat Pride foundation, which is a 501 C3 non profit group separate from the school district, can also accept donations in effort to fund updates to athletic facilities.

  • ACSchools has been in communication with and is seeking input from local businesses within the community including representatives from our two local distilleries.

  • The district facilities plan categorizes athletic facilities as a discretionary construction project which cannot be constructed using school facilities construction funds.

  • General fund bonds require KDE approval. This has been discussed with KDE and does not appear to be an option at this time.

  • Our research shows that several districts have successfully funded similar projects through donations and/or earmarking district funds.

  • The tax referenced in the survey was school tax. Each year the Board of Education sets school tax rates for the county during a public meeting.

  • Elected Anderson County Board of Education members do not draw a salary but are compensated with a $75 per meeting stipend.

  • Anderson County administrators including Central Office staff are salaried positions that include years of service/experience and education level of rank in determining salary amount. A stipend percent is added to administrative salaries if extra days are worked or extra job duties are expected. The administrative salaries are lower than or comparable to surrounding counties.  Administrators are not paid extra time for working weekend or additional hours because positions are all salaried regardless of the extra time worked.


Questions: 41, 46, 58, 92

  • If a turf field is selected, district staff with proper training will be maintaining the facility.

  • The Maintenance Director maintains the plan.

  • The board would decide how much funding would be put aside for future maintenance needs.

Other Sports:

Questions: 25, 44, 55, 75, 90

  • The goal of ACSchools is to maintain safe and functional facilities for all sports and activities that are offered.

  • The soccer field and track surrounding it are considered to be the area of greatest need by general consensus.

  • The Board has already approved the resurfacing and striping of the current track. Work is slated to begin in May.

  • Immediate work currently being considered for existing facilities include resurfacing the tennis court, addressing baseball fieldhouse roof needs, and general facility maintenance.

  • The current District Facilities Plan has a swimming pool identified under Discretionary Construction Projects. Projects in the Discretionary section can only be paid for out of Capital Outlay funds, general fund or donated funding.

Public Use:

Questions: 3, 37, 70

  • Board policy and procedure for any new facilities would be the same as those for current facilities. AC Board of Education Policy and Procedures are available on the district website.

  • Many Anderson County community members already benefit from district owned facilities this includes the current track and would include a new track in the future. Outside usage is approved by the building Principal.  Rec League uses facilities yearly along with other groups who request it. Approval is based on availability; school practice and game schedules are set first. Facilities usage priority is outlined in board policy.

  • Civic groups such as the Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce have used school facilities to host events.

  • Many youth and recreation league teams practice and compete in district owned facilities.

  • The softball fields at the park are not owned or managed by the school district.  

Practice & Scheduling:

Questions: 58, 69, 74, 79, 97

  • The middle and high school each have an athletic director in charge of scheduling facilities.

  • Coaches work with the athletic directors to schedule games and meets.

  • Building principals oversee the athletic directors and coaches and ultimately determine all use of facilities.

  • The timing of project construction would determine the use of the fields during seasons. If it does impact a sports season, options could include an away schedule only or renting or utilizing other facilities.

  • The goal is to maintain practice fields regardless of the option. If an off site facility is built, the current facilities would be for practice or other needs.  


Questions: 68, 89, 91  

  • Academic needs are top priority.  Funding for academic needs including staffing, textbooks, materials, technology, intervention, programs, professional development,  etc… are funded by different sources such as general fund, state and federal funds and grants.  

  • State and federal funding , as well as grants, have strict guidelines for spending and can not be used for athletic or facility needs. Some of these include Title I, Title II, RTA Grants, MAF Grants, Special Education, Carl Perkins, PD, and Textbook.  Most of these have been reduced over the last 10 years due to budget cuts from state and federal funding, general fund expenses have been increased to continue to support the current programs, services, staffing allocations and professional development needs.  

  • Athletics, Arts Programs, Extra-Curricular Activities and Clubs are important and are an integral part in educating the “whole student.” These activities help instill values such as teamwork, determination, dedication, goal setting, personal dignity, and resilience to failure. 

  • Mental and physical health are improved by participation in school activities. Self-concept, self-image, physical activity, and weight management are just a few of these health benefits realized through activity participation.

  • Participation in high school activities is often a predictor of later success – in college, career and becoming a contributing healthy member of society.

  • Construction funds including Capital Outlay are restricted funds that can only be used for construction needs outlined in the District Facilities Plan or for maintenance, bonding, insurance and things related to facilities.  

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