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Safety Statement in Response to Recent School Tragedies

Joint Release from Superintendent Mitchell of Anderson County Public Schools and Local Law Enforcement:  Sheriff Milam, Chief Schell and Director Powell


Your child’s safety is the top priority of Anderson County Schools.


Each year, Anderson County Schools, in collaboration with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department, Lawrenceburg Police Department, Anderson County/Lawrenceburg Fire Departments, Anderson County Department of Public Safety, and the Anderson County Emergency Medical Service, continue to work and plan to ensure that our schools are among the safest places in our community.

  • - Each summer, district and school administrators, along with local law enforcement and Anderson County Public Safety, review and modify the district and school emergency management plans.
  • - The district health and safety committee, comprised of district and school administrators and staff, meet monthly to review concerns and identify opportunities to enhance the health of our students and staff and the safety and security of our schools.
  • - Two full time School Resource Officers are assigned from the sheriff's department to our schools and are able to respond to every school in the district within minutes.
  •  -The Sheriff's Department and Local PD have extended daytime patrols to include all Anderson County Schools campuses increasing a presence on grounds. 
  • - All schools regularly perform lock-down and other safety drills to ensure that our faculty, staff and students know what to do in the event of an emergency. 
  • - Safety procedures include that all external school doors are closed and locked during the day, with building access controlled by a school staff person who visually identifies each visitor before they are admitted into the building. All visitors are required to sign in in the front office.


What can you do to help?

  • - Be Involved - We encourage parents to have age-appropriate conversations with their children about the importance of sharing any concerns or information they might have.
  • - Be Vigilant - If you suspect someone may be planning to cause harm to themselves or others, report it immediately. ACSchools has a STOP tip line that can be accessed on our school and district web page to report concerns or threats.  School administrators monitor this during the day, evenings, and weekends. The sooner school officials are notified, the sooner an investigation can begin.  Misinformation and rumors can spread quickly through social media causing more problems and hindering the resolution of an issue.
  • - Be Active - Checking bedrooms, cars, backpacks, cell phones and social media accounts of your children can open a window into their lives that allows you to monitor their safety and well-being. When schools and homes work together on behalf of kids, everyone is safer.


You can expect the possibility of soft or full lockdowns to occur in a number of situations that may or may not warrant public communication:

  • - Drills
  • - Drug dog sweeps
  • - Investigation of rumors or a possible threat reported.
  • - Individual emergency, medical or law enforcement events.


When responding to a safety situation, you can expect the following:

  • - Soft lockdown or full lockdown.
  • - Communication with local law enforcement or emergency management and medical if appropriate or necessary.
  • - Communication from the school or district level as soon as possible or when information is available via one call or text messaging. 
  • - Any and/or all precautions may be taken when any threat is reported.  If students and staff are in danger, our first priority is ensuring safety.  If an immediate threat arises, you will be notified as soon as appropriate.
  • - If there is a rumor, it will be investigated and when resolved, communication will follow if appropriate. 
  • - If a threat arises, local law enforcement will be in control and everyone will be expected to cooperate and respond in order not to interfere or slow down the response time. 


Statement from Local Enforcement 

“The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has increased extra patrol at all schools in the county.  Sheriff Joe Milam advises he has talked with Chief Mike Schell with Lawrenceburg City Police, as well as Captain Todd Kidd, KSP Post 12 Commander and all three agencies will be working together to provide as much extra patrol as possible.  Also, any threat against students, school personnel or facilities will be investigated promptly and fully and if credible, suspects will be arrested and charged.”  

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