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Welcome to Espanol/Spanish 1A/1B (2018-2019)

Machu Picchu
Estoy feliz de tenerles en clase este semestre. ! Espero que tengan una buena experiencia aprendiendo la lengua espanola ! 
Dear Students, Parents/Guardians,

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my family to you. My name is Marianna Colten and I will be teaching Spanish 1 this school year. This is my eigth year at Anderson County High School, but I have  28  years of teaching experience at all levels and I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Ecuador). I am a very energetic 60 yr. old. I love to read, run, garden, play volleyball, bike, hike, camp, dance, listen to music and travel (Ecuador/Mexico/Costa Rica, Peru). My husband, Lee, retired from the Department of Energy recently and we have been married for 36 yrs. His passion is hiking the Appalachian Trail, having hiked a section for the past seven summers with the goal of completing it before he “kicks the bucket”. Lee also enjoys music and “fixing things” around the house. We have three children.

Ian, our oldest, is 28 yrs old, and is a graduate of U.K 's College of Engineering. He is currently employed with an engineering firm in Lexington. Ian has traveled to Europe after high school,  Cameroon to work with Engineers Without Borders, and also did a 6 month study in Brazil learning about bio fuels and learning to speak Portuguese. He married an outstanding woman, Maria Bane,  in May 2019.

Our second son is Nathaniel “Nat”, and his gift is music. He plays any instrument with strings, but his favorite at present is the banjo. He is 26 1/2 years old and  recently returned from a 10 month stay in Costa Rica . He has also traveled to Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico and Ecuador. He attends UK and is working on a degree in sustainable agriculture which he will finish this fall. Nat married  a wonderful young woman (and frmer student of mine) named Jeri Howell, which was the highlight of our summer 2018.

Rose is our third child who is artistic and loves animals. She has traveled to Costa Rica, Peru and  South Africa . She will be starting her Junior year at the University of Cincinnati this fall She has an internship at an EPA lab and is studying  enviromental studies. Go Bearcats!

Lee, Rose and I spent 3 wks in Peru the summer of 2015, so you can bet there will be a lot said and learned about Peru in class. I felt like I was going home.....very much like Ecuador. I loved being immersed in the culture/language, and was reminded once again what a privileged people we are in the U.S. Our visit to Machu Picchu  was an exciting and humbling experience.
More recently, we traveled to Costa Rica in June to visit our son Nat and  wife Jeri. Please view our pictures on this website. The Monteverde Cloud Forest was incredible, and the area around Arenal was equally amazing. 
I am very excited about this coming year at ACHS,, it will be my last. Im retiring, and the Spanish teacher is finally going to Spain!  One of our goals is to hike a segment of The Camino de Santiago, so 30 days of our 3 month trip will be hiking - we alreay bought our tickets!
I am looking forward to getting to know you and your children. Im already so impressed with my classes. They are eager learners , polite, and kind - and its only been 6 days!  In advance, I thank you and them for a good last year.
I anticipate that the Spanish I students will  get a good start to their language learning experience. Please make yourselves aware of the discipline policies for ACHS and my classroom expectations. I will call home for support with behavior if necessary. If you should ever need extra help with Spanish I will be available on Monday and Friday afternoons from 3:15-4:00, by appointment. My planning period is 1st block.

Please note that I will post grades once a week. Monday's will be a good time to check the Spanish grades. If you have any questions about grades, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please empower your children by having them check their grades a couple times a week and asking them to get used to talking to their teachers if there is an issue. It will better prepare them for college and the workforce.

There are many practice activities available online. is one that you might want to check out. Duolingo and Quizlet are apps the kids like to use on their phones. We will be using those and Gim Kit  in class. We will also be watching, listening and learning from the BBC language program entitled "Mi Vida Loca" which can be accessed online. Any listening practice you can get online would be beneficial; there is a lot of good material on You Tube. 

EVERY Wednesday students will be responsible for a current event and a culture note about  the Spanish speaking country that they choose to individually learn about for the semester. These will need to be written in their spiral notebook and dated.
Oral Learning Targets/Speaking Tasks - theses are something they can always be working on at home. Ask them to practice with you.
Projects - Each student will choose a  country and subject to focus on. Due dates will be selected by the students. They already have the Rubric for these,  and research is something they can be working on.

Feel free to send me emails (achs account) with any concerns/comments you may have. I will try to check my emails every morning before classes and every afternoon after classes. If you do not get an immediate reply please do not assume that I am ignoring you, I will reply. 


Marianna Colten 






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Proyectos de los Estudiantes

Dia de los Muertos: Una celebracion para recordar los antepasados y amigos que han muerto.
Proyectos de los Paises : Student Choice
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Calaveras de Azucar
Calaveras de Azucar
Calaveras de Azucar
Pan de los Muertos
La Quinceanera - Briana y Lucero
Diferentes tipos de Postres
Una Cara Pintada
Chupetas - Oscar
Maritza - Torta de Chocolate Mexico
Ejemplo de un proyecto.
Recordando los antepasados.Un altar.


Unidades/Units SP1A-SP1B

Espanol 1A y 1B
Gusto a conocerle! (It's nice to meet you!)
Quien soy yo? (Who am I ?)
Que te gusta hacer? (What do you like to do?)
Mi vida escolar. (My school life)
Mi familia. (Let me introduce my family) 


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