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Welcome to the learning zone for each of my courses.  Here you find the syllabi, important documents and overviews for AP Psychology, Sports in American History, History of Rock and Roll, BCTC HIS 109 and Government.

AP Psychology Information

NTI--Integrated World Studies B

 Please look at links for the materials needed to complete assignments
Days 5-21 
For those without internet, these assignments will be yours:
Write a one-page summary of major lessons and topics that we have covered to this point in the semester--you may choose from any of the topics below.
Age of Exploration
Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther
Bubonic Plague
Medieval Europe
Byzantine Empire
Islamic influence
Friday, April 3--Assessment for first set of NTI days 
Aprli 13-May 1--The assignment for this period is in the document below.  Some of this is in the Days 5-21 file above.
Here are the assessments for the post-Spring Break weeks: 


Days 1-4 require the document linked below
DAY 1--KDE Sample Civics Test, Questions 1-25--answers and justifications
DAY 2--KDE Sample Civics Test, Questions 26-50--answers and justifications
DAY 3--KDE Sample Civics Test, Questions 51-75--answers and justifications
DAY 4--KDE Sample Civics Test, Questions 76-100--answers and justifications
Days 5-8 require the following documents
DAY 5--Do the terms and the preview activity on the Notebook Guide
DAY 6--Read the Judiciary file
DAY 7--Spend Days 7 and 8 using the A and B-H documents to complete the assignment identifying each of the courts appropriately
Days 9 and 10 will use the following documents:
DAY 9--Do the Speaking of Politics terms  and the Preview on the Notebook Guide
DAY 10--Read Sections 2 and 3 from Citizen Participation and do the reading notes for the appropriate sections
Documents for Days 11-15
Day 1--Do the preview activity and then look at any one of the placards in the second file and do the preview activity substituting the name of the subject for Stevenson.
Day 2--Do the reading notes for sections 2 and 3
Day 3--Do the reading notes for sections 4 and 5
Day 4--Create a campaign poster for one of the current political candidates.  You may use the placards as examples or you may be creative and do your own thing.  Make sure it is clean, legal and appropriate
Friday, April 3---Assessment 
Documents for April 13-17
Day 1--4/13--Define the Speaking of Politics Terms and do the Preview Activity on the front page of the Notebook Guide
Day 2--4/14--Read the Civic Participation document and do the Reading Notes for all sections 
Day 3--4/15--Examine  Student Handout A and underline key ideas and terms  that help you understand each of the methods of civic participation.  Then do one of the following:
1.  Provide a written description of a time when you did one or more of these things.
2.  What issue would cause you to do one of these things?  Tell me about it and tell me what you would do and why.
Day 4--4/16--Read the three cases of civic participation and make a list of the forms of civic participation used in each case.
Day 5--4/17--Think about a situation that would cause you  to get involved in civic affairs.  Identfify an issue that would cause this to happen.  Then do the following:
1.  Select three forms of civi participation that you would use in this matter and explain why  you would do these methods.
2.  Select one of the three and actually do it.  If writing a letter to the editor, actually write the letter.  If you intend to do a website, send me the way that homepage might look.  If you are going to start a petition, actually create the petition.  Submit this for evaluation.
Week of 4-20 to 4-24

Monday—Do Speaking of Politics and Preview Activities

Tuesday—Do Reading Notes for Introduction-Section 4 (follow instruction in Notebook Guide)

Wednesday—Do Reading Notes for Sections 5-8 (follow instruction in Notebook Guide)

Thursday—Do the Students Handouts Activity

Friday—Do the Processing Activity (back of Notebook Guide) 


Assignments 4-27 through 4-29

I want you to do the following each day:

1.  Either read a news site online and watch a news broadcast (30 minutes) on television. 

2.  Write a one-paragraph summary of three government-related events covered in the reading or on the broadcast.  Obviously the coronavirus will be one of those issues.  That said, however, I want you to think about other issues mentioned in the broadcast--this might be political campaigns, new laws, discussion about relief efforts, etc.  Listen, read and be critical about what you experience.

NTI--AP Psychology

With the AP changes, you should now be reviewing the PowerPoint presentations that are on my webpage.  Please feel free to email any questions you have about the presentations and the material covered in each.
All Assignments  are in AP Classroom and are already assigned and ready to do
DAY 1--NTI Day 1 (20 multiple choice questions)
DAY 2--NTI Day 2 (20 multiple choice questions)
DAY 3--NTI Day 3 (20 multiple choice questions)
DAY 4--Progress Check 7 (MC Questions)
DAY 5--Progress Check 7 (Free Response Question)
Due to the announced changes in AP adminisration resulting in a 45 minute free response exam, the assignments are changing from this point forward.   You will now be doing one free response question each day until the exam.  I have assigned new questions to be submitted as follows: 
DAY 6--NTI Day 6 FR
DAY 7--NTI Day 7 FR
DAY 8--NTI Day 8 FR
DAY 9--NTI Day 9 FR
DAY 10--NTI Day 10 FR
All assigned questions are in AP Classroom with the above names. 
DAY 11--NTI Day 11 FR
Day 12--NTI Day 12 FR
Day 13--NTI Day 13 FR
Day 14--NTI Day 14 FR
Day 15--Scheduled Assessment 
Week of April 13-17:  The assignments for each day  are now created in AP Classroom.  Each will open on theday assigned.
April 13--April 13 FR
April 14--April 14 FR
April 15--April 15 FR
April 16--April 16 FR
April 17--April 17 FR 
NOTE:  Two prominent AP Readers are doing a daily session on the College Board's YouTube channel from 4:00 to 4:45.  All students should be watching these programs as they are providing vital information and review for this year's exam.  With the exam changes for this year's administration, any additional information is welcome and should be accessed.  If you did not follow my Remind, you should go back and look at Day 1--Mrs. Fenton provides a useful mnemonic device for essay writing that you should employ as you write your daily responses.
NOTE 2:  I  set up a Zoom meeting for 11:00AM for Tuesday, March 31st.  Information for joining the session will be sent via Remind.  Asecond meeting is set for Friday, April 3rd at 3:00PM to go over the expected release of information about the AP Exam administration.  Information for joining the session has been sent out on Remind.
NOTE 3:  The national AP Psychology review sessions introduced the SODAS acronym for the writing of free response questions.  I am linking this PowerPoint to add depth on this idea.

AP Powerpoints

Within this folder, go to Lecture Slides.  All of the Chapter Presentations are in that link.  Just find the appropriate subject and review the material covered in the presentation. 


There will be an assessment given to all classes next Friday to gauge learning in the first set of NTI days.  I will put that assessment on the site on Wednesday 4-1 for completion on Friday, 4-3.
AP Psychology--Go to AP Classroom and do the April 3 assessment.  It will open up at 8AM on Friday. 
Integrated World Studies B--Please open this file and do the questions.
Government--Your assessment  is the document linked below. 

AP Psychology Exam Details

The PowerPoint will explain all of the necesssary details for this year's AP Exam administration.

End of Semester Notes--ALL CLASSES

General Notes:
1.  The last day for content in all classes will be Wednesday, April 29th.
2.  The final exams will be made available that day.  ALL exams will be open book and open note.  Those students not taking the AP Psychology exam will take a similar final in AP Classroom.  The Government final will be the Civics test.
3.  Final exams must be returned by May 11th at 11:00AM.
4.  Grades for the second nine weeks of this semester will be pass/fail.
5.  Anyone getting a Fail for the second nine weeks will see a one letter grade reduction in the overall course grade.  For instance, if you got a C for the first nine weeks and a fail for the second nine weeks, your final course grade will be a D.  You can fail the course only if you failed the first nine weeks and then did nothing during the NTI period of the course.
6.  Final grades for courses are due on May 13th by 3:00PM.
7.  I will continue to meet with AP Psych students through the May 19th exam date. 
7.  If you have questions, please email me at 

Final Exams for Spring 2020

Here are the final exams for Government and Integrated World Studies B.  The students not taking the AP Psychology exam will have an exam to do in AP Classroom.  Remember that exams are open book and open note.  The final exam must be submitted by May 11th at 11AM for grading purposes.
AP Psychology--Go to our AP Psychology classroom.  You will find a file called AP Final Spring 20.  Please make sure that you do both questions. 

AP Psychology

These questions are well aligned to the ACT Quality Core, which is the basis for Kentucky's new End of Course Assessment

Quality Core Practice

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